The Iron Brotherhood MC was founded in southern California in January 2006 by law enforcement officers and former members of another LEMC. The first five founding brothers felt the need to establish a club that promoted camaraderie among like-minded men who enjoyed riding hard, working together, and supporting each other in a tight-knit community.

We are bikers, who happen to be cops. We share a common bond - the love of riding. We are dedicated to our profession and our brotherhood, and we promote quality over quantity of members.  We are not a political club and we respect all clubs and the colors they wear. The Iron Brotherhood respects the right for all clubs to exist, and we request the same in return.

We are a true brotherhood, one like no other. We are the Iron Brotherhood. 

Iron Brotherhood LEMC
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The Beginning of the Brotherhood
The Colors of the Brotherhood
Our club colors are blue and silver on a black background. Our center patch is a skull head mounted on the Iron Cross. The blue in the eyes of the skull represents the fact that we are Law Enforcement Officers. The skull itself represents the many brothers in law enforcement who have been killed in the line of duty. These brothers made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting and serving the innocent. The Iron Cross represents the many acts of heroism of our fallen brothers, as the Iron Cross was originally established to recognize such acts. Our top rocker states "Iron Brotherhood" because that is who we are. The bottom rocker indicates which state the member resides in.

Members of the Iron Brotherhood LEMC wear three piece colors because we can. We are a Law Enforcement club and will not seek permission from any organization to fly our colors. We respect the rights for all clubs to fly any colors they choose, and we request the same.   

Members of the Iron Brotherhood LEMC do not associate with members of 1% clubs, nor do we attend events sanctioned by such clubs.